Desiree & Friends

Power trio hard rock/modern rock band featuring Desiree Ragoza on lead guitar, Sarra Cardile on drums/percussion, Jacob Ott on bass guitar, and other special guest appearances

Sarra Cardile

Sarra is a 23 year old female drummer from Bolton CT who did an online international female drumming competition called Hit Like A Girl and was the most popular video in the competition and took 4th place out of women who entered from around the world. She has been recognized by Rich Redmond from Jason Aldean, Jim Riley from Rascal Flatts, Sean Fuller from Florida Georgia Line, Keio from Big and Rich, Ray Luzier from Korn and Troy Luccketta from Tesla to name a few. She works locally with Charlie Dye from Summit Studios and Jay Wood from The Woodshed. When she is not playing with Desiree she is traveling the U.S. participating at drum events and camps. One event that is near and dear to her is the Breast Cancer Can Stick It event in Dallas,Texas. She has helped raised funds to help stick it to breast cancer for the last three years. Sarra is very active in the drumming community and never falls short of keeping the beat of her drumming career.

Sarra's Videos

Jacob Ott

Jacob Ott is a young, up-and-coming bassist living in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Connecticut, Jacob was regularly gigging with local bands from the age of 14. Jacob went on to attend the University of Hartford, where he studied Acoustical Engineering and Music, with an emphasis on Jazz Performance. At College, he studied under the great American bassist Nat Reeves, who helped him to craft a unique approach to electric bass rooted in Funk, Jazz, Rock and a multitude of other genres. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in 2018, Jacob moved to New York City, where he continues to push his passion for music to new levels. Jacob’s love for music is evident in the energy he brings to live performances and the dedication he has to honing his craft. Currently, he plays in a variety of different bands in NYC and CT while continuing to seek out new and exciting musical opportunities.

Jacob's Videos

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is a bassist out of New London, Connecticut. Originally from the musically eclectic bay area of California, he has drawn his influence and inspiration from a variety of different artists to create his own desired style and sound. Currently, Daniel is working with a number of artists, writing, recording and touring as a way of continuing to keep active amongst his love of music and to expand his experience as a well rounded artist. In addition to playing bass in his band, Casting Shadows, Daniel has been performing with bands and artists such as Desiree Bassett and Mourn The Light, also out of Connecticut. Daniel will be setting out on his first US tour with Mourn The Light in March of 2019 and is looking to go into the studio with Casting Shadows to record their second studio EP by the end of the year. Go and check out his band’s content below!