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We've ALL started somewhere at some point, including myself! Check out all of the amazing and incredibly talented bands/artists below and help support the local scene!! Go check out their music and follow them on social media! I truly believe that ALL of them will be greatly successful and I thank every single one of them for doing what they love and making the world a better place with their music!

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Rock Cover Band

As with many bands, the road is never an easy one. American 27’s Rock Cover Band is a branch off a couple of different groups. The original members came together in the winter of 2015 after a chance meeting at a coffee shop.
The name American 27’s was a creation of Lead Guitarist/Vocalist, Mike Twohill. When the idea for a band name came up, he brought it to their attention and the rest is history.
The band highlights music from the artists of the famous ’27 Club’, which includes Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, etc., as well as music from artists who have left us too soon, even though they are not members of the “Club”, including Stone Temple Pilots, CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.
In addition, American 27’s plays classic songs from every decade which fall under the categories of Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Blues, Folk and Pop. A few one hit wonders and a ton of Super Hits!
American 27’s is a class act, complete with a light show and full sound system. We are available for any type of event, such as bars/clubs, outdoor events, private parties, festivals, weddings and acoustic shows.

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Bad Fantasy


Blues, Rock, and Punk are the most consistent sounds when it comes to Bad Fantasy’s constantly growing range of music. Bad Fantasy aims to elicit catharsis and unity thru their words and tonesBlues, Rock, and Punk are the most consistent sounds when it comes to Bad Fantasy’s constantly growing range of music. Bad Fantasy aims to elicit catharsis and unity thru their words and tones

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Casting Shadows was formed in 2016 by vocalist Matthew Barnes, guitarist Chris Ornberg, and bassist Daniel Jackson, the group got together and began creating their solace. They soon took to the stage to share their words and music with others. Through relentless live performances, they honed their songwriting and live performance skills while building a rabid fan base. Casting Shadows progressed, developing their unique sound with second guitarist, Adam Bice, and drummer, Nick Gallagher. Over the years, the band has become one of the East Coast’s most sought out live acts.

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D.B.W. (DEAD BY WEDNESDAY) is a international American 4 Piece heavy metal group from New Haven, CT. Established in 2006 by drummer Opus, (ex-Gargantua Soul & current U.S. touring drummer for David Ellefson of Megadeth & Altitudes & Attitude featuring Frank Bello of Anthrax). Out the box, they quickly caught the attention of Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) who went on to release their debut through his label, Stillborn Records. They’ve released one EP, four full length recordings including their unique guest vocalist album “Darkest of Angels” (EMP Label Group). Their newest self-titled release is also on David Ellefson of Megadeth’s newly revamped Combat Records, a division of EMP. DBW gained a fierce loyal following through relentless years of touring supporting such artists as Shadows Fall, Flotsam & Jetsam, ICP, Raven, P.O.D., Jasta/Hatebreed, to name a few. They’ve played both the Warped Tour & the Mayhem Festival & in rotation on Sirius Liquid Metal radio, Music Choice, Havok TV, MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball, The Music Network, also currently in Touch Tunes, & the video game Rockband. DBW understands the business, they’re easy to work with, professional, & will always put on a highly energetic live & very entertaining show.

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Djent, Metal-Core/Nu-Metal

Powerhouse out of central CT carries an abundance of talent to offer. Created during the COVID shutdown by former members of In The Red, Nous ,and Gemini Syndrome. Mixing Djent, Metal-Core and Nu-Metal based styles.

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Arena Rock/Power Metal

FirstBourne is a five piece arena rock/power metal band from Boston, MA, USA formed in 2016. The band is Keith Pittman on vocals, Mike Kerr on lead guitar, Ven Thangaraj on bass, Joe Bertola on drums and Nick Stamas on rhythm guitar. Specializing in captivating hooks and masterful musicianship, the band aims to revive the glory days of guitar oriented rock with a mix of current musical tastes and trends. The name FirstBourne reflects the fact that all members are the eldest children in their respective families. The band worked with Sony Brazil’s producer and guitarist Jimmy Oliveira to create their debut full length, Riot. Following the release of their debut album, FirstBourne teamed up with endorsers JOYO Pedals and Chaser Records and embarked on a tour through China. These first shows outside of the US were a success, beginning with Chaser Records’ Chaser Fest and ending in Zhuhai with over 2500 people in attendance. Most recent accomplishments of FirstBourne include playing on the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise 2020, opening for Stryper, Michael Sweet, Bumblefoot, Marty Friedman, Immortal Guardian, Megadeth’s David Ellefson, and Last In Line (Dio members). FirstBourne weave memorable melodies together with heart-stirring chords to create a tapestry of sound sure to please rock and metal fans alike. Live, the band radiates joy and mighty power with every note. FirstBourne’s music has created close bonds with fans not only across the USA, but also in Brazil, China, Sweden, India, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Canada and many other countries. Along the way, FirstBourne has won an awards at the International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA) for Best Rock Performance in 2016 and the Hard Rock/Metal Act of the Year award at the 2018 New England Music Awards. FirstBourne performed live at the 2017 IPMA for televised worldwide audience. FirstBourne was also nominated for Best Rock Performance at the IPMAs in 2017 and 2018. And again in 2019, FirstBourne has been nominated for Best Rock Performance. FirstBourne’s 2nd album Pick Up The Torch was released May 2019 followed by a CD Release Tour. The album contains newly recorded tracks from the Riot album, 6 new songs and a cover of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force for a total of 15 tracks. The album was produced by Brazilian producer Jota Vox FirstBourne is back in the studio working on their 3rd album yet to be titled and planned to be released in 2021.

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Hard Rock

INK stormed the music scene with a sound that reasserted the guitar riff driven/bass and drum groove of Rock and Roll.

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Based out of Providence, RI, formed in 2006.


Jungle Fiction is an up and coming Funk/Rock/Hip-Hop group from Brooklyn, New York. Their brand new single “See You In Everything” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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LifeDown is a rock/metal band formed in 2002 by drummer Randall Graves. Sharing the stage with many major label acts from Stone Sour, Overkill, Apocalyptica, Life of Agony, Flaw, and so many more to also sharing the stage with some of the best locals New England has to offer. We love what we do and love the bands we get to share the stages with!

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Machine Mayhem is an American metal band from Central Massachusetts. Formed in 2018, the band quickly developed an aggressive, original sound with many influences such as thrash, groove, and doom metal to name a few. With a solidified lineup of: Joesph “Mayhem” Robichaud (vocals), Ryan “Machine Gun” Barbin (guitar/backing vocals), Brent “The Black Goat Of The Forest” Martino (guitar), Tim “The Butcher” Harrigan (bass), and Joe “Chippy” McPhee (drums), the band has been playing many shows in the New England area. Housing a non-stop drive, fierce live performance, and intense songs, Machine Gun Mayhem will ALWAYS strive to give fans a reason to listen.

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Paul Barrett

Progressive Rock

I have been a musician in some form since I was about 8. I started playing piano and drums at that point, but never had any formal training (other than drums) until college, where I majored in Music Composition. I have been in a few local bands in the past, such as The Truth, Incoming, and Charmed. I filled various roles as a multi-instrumentalist. I finally was able to record an album, “Threshold Consciousness”, which was released on February 12th. I played all the instruments on the recording, and I mixed & mastered the album in my home studio.  I wrote and recorded it over a period of about 2 and a half years. My music is definitely inspired by some of the progressive rock bands like Genesis and Yes, but also my favorite, albeit obscure, band from the early 90’s – Toy Matinee. (DEFINITELY check them out!). I like thoughtful lyrics, strong hooks, and unusual song structures.

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Pop & Epic Style Word Music

‘Queen Chameleon’ Maria Di Cara is a Pop Vocalist, Producer, & Recording Artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. She has sung for Macy Gray, KSMHR, Korn, Guns N Roses, Kose Makeup, Dragon Ball-Z : Light of Hope, Sean Paul, Darius McCrary Vincent Herbert, Eric B, Broadway MD Dave Pepin of ‘Wicked’ & ‘Rent’, IMJD Music Head at Disney, & more.

Known for her tender & transportative interpretive singing, QC is 1 of Hollywoods best undiscovered vocal gems. Her inspirations are vocalists like Christina Aguilera, Lisa Gerrard, Aretha Franklin, & Emma Marrone. In addition to working as a singer, QC is a songwriter & audio engineer; she studied Opera in Florence Italy, under a past instructor of Bocelli’s, then completed her Musical Theater Degree in NYC, & finally studied Studio Production in Hollywood. QC’s outlandish Vocal Sample Libraries are on sounds.com a platform by Native Instruments, and she was featured in Music Connection Magazine revered by Grammy Winning Recording Engineer Barry Rudolph, for her haunting collection, ‘VOICES OF THE GODS’. Her latest release ‘VOICES OF VALHALLA’ features Nordic Vocal Samples in Swedish & Icelandic languages.

Upholding her alias ‘Queen Chameleon’ a nickname given by mentor Ronny S. Schiff; QC has sung in up to 16 languages, & delivers an honest, piercing passionate voice. Pop is her #1 favorite genre; be sure to check out her 2 Latest Singles on Spotify & All Major Platforms OUT NOW! “Riptide & “Legends Within”.

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Renaissance Rock Orchestra

Symphonic Metal/Classic Rock Band

Renaissance Rock Orchestra’s music combines elements of classic rock, progressive metal and symphonic influences into a highly energetic and beautiful blend of powerful, spellbinding rock majesty. Recordings and concerts by this “Super Group” include performances by legendary rock artists such as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees:

Also featuring amazing musicians such as: 

RRO delivers melodic, technically brilliant, and dynamic music that takes you through time and space for a musical experience beyond mere imagination. With influences from bands such as Yes, Dream Theater, Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, RRO has created a powerful symphonic-rock sound, combining elements from the classical, prog and metal elite — forging them into their own shimmering blade of sonic metal. 

Hard Rock/ Goth/ Grunge

Hailing from The New Haven Area, Residual Self is led by The Mysterious Rex. What started as a solo project in 2016 has taken an unexpected shape of its own as friends and fellow musicians began to rally behind him. Residual Self has begun to craft a darker take on the Grunge Era of the 90’s. The world has changed and doom and gloom are all around. The music should reflect as such. The band utilizes scything guitars, booming effects, thunderous claps of the low-end bass and drums, while their leader Rex grunts, growls, howls, and snarls his way through their apocalyptic journeys. Accompanied by their themes of demons, lust and power, Rex aims to bring forth the “Residual Self” in us all. Their stark sounds and somber lyrics are designed to awaken the true primal nature and strike one’s soul at its very core, unveiling who you truly are.

Ronnie Neuhauser

Progressive/Electric Fusion

Ronnie Neuhauser is a composer/guitarist for the three original, progressive, electic fusion music projects, Fe Fi Fo, Nocheez Orchestra, and Styrocultural Antidote. Ronnie has released nearly 25 CDs and DVDs to date, written a rock opera, and currently working on a new rock opera and a number of new releases.

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The Scattered is a band comprised of four members from Tolland County, Connecticut. They play a wide range of popular music from the 70s through the 2000s, including artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Maroon 5 and much more! In addition to cover songs, The Scattered is currently working on their debut EP of all original music.The Scattered is a band comprised of four members from Tolland County, Connecticut. They play a wide range of popular music from the 70s through the 2000s, including artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Maroon 5 and much more! In addition to cover songs, The Scattered is currently working on their debut EP of all original music.

Theatrical Metal

“One of the few new real personalities in metal” — Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica, Rhapsody)

A canvas of the most human of natures. Theatrical metal set in the Underworld.

The band’s sophomore album, “Emerald Seas,” is a highly emotional, dark, and theatrical epic and is out now via Frontiers Music Srl.

Acoustic Trio

From Seymour CT, we perform as an an acoustic trio playing original music by Jonathan Siksay and covers from pop, rap/hip-hop to country.

Steve Rogers' Neigborhood


Out of Milford, CT and West Haven, CT, Steve Rogers’ Neighborhood employs a mix of alternative, punk, and really whatever else we can throw together.

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Topanga Side Eye is a multi-genre music project led by former Rhode Island, now Arizona-based artist, Don Anderson. Don is drummer and vocalist who has performed and recorded with artists in many genres ranging from Alternative/Post Rock to Country since the early 90’s. Topanga Side Eye is more of a revolving collaboration than just a solo project. As primary songwriter, his access to technology and so many other talented players allows him to expand his creativity without limitations. The result is a collection of cuts blending styles such as Indie-Rock, Americana, Blues, Electronica, as well as urban influences.
The initial self-titled EP, recorded and produced at Rocktorium Records, in W. Kingston, RI, was released in August, 2020, followed by Lie Awake, which was mixed and Mastered by Fair Air Music in Nashville, TN, as well as several other self-produced tracks. All releases are out now and available for purchase, download and/or streaming on all major platforms, including Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and ReverbNation, and Soundcloud.


Indie Alternative Rock

Victim Or Victor is an indie alternative rock band from Eastern CT. Formed as a solo project in 2014 by frontwoman Stephanie Lussier, she made a name for herself playing open mics and local shows. Influenced by the songs of Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything and Nirvana, the songs are a mix of indie pop, pop punk, emo and grunge.

Victim Or Victor released her first 5 track EP titled “Forever Now” in summer 2014 on bandcamp. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mackenzie Christensen and Michael Cookson.

In 2018 she began writing a full length with 11 tracks titled “Choices.” It was recorded in the spring of 2019 and then released in the summer of 2019 on physical CD as well as all music streaming platforms. “Choices” was recorded by Drew Cathcart and mastered by Mackenzie Christensen. Stephanie played all the instruments on the album. The vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, keys and percussion. She recruited local musicians and friends to record on a track, and those musicians became part of the live band for Victim Or Victor. These musicians were Danny Fleet on drums, Drew Cathcart on lead guitar and harmonies, and Daniel Jackson on bass guitar.

Now a four piece band, they began playing more venues all over Connecticut including The Oakdale Theatre for RAW Artists Arise Festival, The Cellar in Hamden, 33 Golden in New London, Strange Brew in Norwich, and Altones in Jewett City. Branching out to other states and venues, Victim Or Victor plans to keep playing to promote the album, “Choices,” but also write new music.

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